Ojas Rajani

Make-up / Hair & Fashion Stylist.

Amazing Services

Modern Styling

She has worked in the industry for years styling models, giving stunning makeovers to Bollywood actors and actresses. Modern styling gives a mesmerizing dramatic look to the diva. It’s always fun in recreating iconic beauty looks.

Makeup & Makeover

She is a specialist in giving a celebrity look with her distinctive vision and a whole lot of glamour. She is well known for her incredible dramatic eye makeup, bridal makeup and hairstyling. She helps you achieve any look you desire for your special occasions.

Hair Styling

Ojas Rajani is known for her magical hands that can create the most extraordinary looks with hair styling. Let it be your wedding or any big occasion she’ll give you a unique hair style which will make you centre of attention. Her exceptionally great skills and techniques will make you shimmer.

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